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Introducing the New Clubwww1 App

The new Clubbwww1 app is one of the few apps , if not the only app that offers hundreds of independent online shopping services once the application is installed.

1. The company is one the largest and the most versatile partner service providers in the world, linking the biggest and brightest brand names with potential customers. Disney, Wal-Mart, Samsung, Nike, Emirates, Callaway, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, NBA, Baseball, Hockey, Amazon, The Premier League, eBay, New Balance, Walgreens, Macys, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba, Best Buy, Groupon, Joy Buy, Rakuten, IHG.

2. Clubwww1's mission is to share with its customers the very best services the web has to offer, whilst appreciating that what is best for one person, may not necessarily be best for another and that what is best today , may not be best tomorrow.

3. Clubwww1 feels that balance is the key to a stress free activity online. 

4. Clubwww1's vision is to put right under your fingertips, branded products and services in one space that will satisfy your needs, at a price you can afford in a country of your choosing. To offer a quality service, given in a timely manner, delivered by companies of respect, that have reputations that demand respect.

5.Clubwww1 has formal contracts with all of its partner companies and affiliations and the company does receive commission payments for most of the services it offers whilst running its own affiliation program.

6. All payments are made by you, direct to the suppliers of all goods and services. 

With Clubwww1 you can chose your airline, book your hotel or your cruise, rent your car or reserve and pay for whatever service you may need for your home, business and office. 

The app is free for local in country service around the USA. 

The standard one time payment fee is required for international usage.  

Download the free app on Google Play today and get the best of the best online at the click of a button.

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